The Independent Residential Care Home
Roseland has an emphasis on individually tailored care for the frail in a supportive and homely environment

Philosophy of Care

Roseland House Care Home aims to provide its Service Users with a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which their care, wellbeing and comfort are of prime importance.

Statement of Purpose

Roseland House Care Home offers professional Care Service to older people over the age of 65. The Management and Staff respond to a wide diversity of care needs including elderly frail, physical disability and dementia.   Care needs are individually assessed prior to admission. The Service provides temporary care and respite care.


We recognise the need for a Home where individuality is emphasised, with staff who have time to give attention to small details, and where people have the choice of enjoying the company of like minded fellow Service Users.


With these aims and objects in mind our practice is underpinned by the following principles of care in accordance with the national minimum standards:


We are a trusted member of Scottish Care


Privacy -  The Service Users’ right to have their privacy and property respected and be free from unnecessary intrusion.


Safety - Your right to feel safe and secure in all aspects of life, including health and wellbeing.   To enjoy safety but not to be over protected.


Choice - Giving a Service User the opportunity to select for themselves from a range of alternative options.   Promoting your right to make informed choices whilst recognising the right of other people to do the same.


Realsing Potential - Promoting and enabling you to make the most of your life and to ensure you are given the opportunities to do so.